Offer: Low histamine everyday pack with basic paprika and Vinberg Premium Verjus

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Low histamine, gluten-free and vegan in everyday life! For cooking, baking, flavouring and refreshing thirst quenchers! 1 bottle of Vinberg Premium Verjus Rosa Frizz Piccolo (250 ml) FREE!

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The offer / package consists of:

One bottle each of Vinberg: Verjus pure in 3 varieties – sour, extra sour, fruity mild 500ml
With these 3 varieties you are perfectly equipped for cooking & baking. Whether for soups, sauces, salads, mild pickling or baking. You can also refine your favourite drink with it or try a tart thirst quencher with water and a dash of Verjus. Extra-sour verjus is even a rarity, as the grapes are harvested very early, making it a very special and at the same time mildly sour speciality among verjus. All non-alcoholic and low in histamine.

2 jars of Basic Paprika from Eat Tolerant, 400g (2 portions)

The pointed pepper sauce from Eat Tolerant is a perfect substitute for tomato sauce for all people with histamine intolerance, and is also gluten-free and vegan.

Perfect for pasta, pizza, casseroles, soups, sauces and for dipping or with meat. There are no limits to the variety.

Ingredients: Red pointed peppers, water, potatoes, juice of unripe grapes, rapeseed oil, primary salt (without iodine)

2 jars of Basic Ratatouille from Eat Tolerant, 400g (2 portions)

Low-histamine ratatouille – Unique on the basis of basic paprika! An extra portion of fresh vegetables in a jar! With finely diced carrots, peppers, courgettes, beetroot, spring onions and thyme. 400 g jar for 2 portions.

Goes perfectly with rice, pasta and potatoes. Just heat briefly in a pan and enjoy in 5 minutes. For simple low-histamine, gluten-free and vegan everyday cooking.

Ingredients: Red pointed peppers, water, potatoes, yellow peppers, beetroot, courgette, carrot, spring onions, juice of unripe grapes, rapeseed oil, primordial salt (without iodine), thyme.

2 jars of Basic Stock from Eat Tolerant, 200g jar, to be used as a concentrate.

Basic stock is the perfect base for flavouring sauces, soups, dressings, vegetables or meat, and not just in low-histamine cuisine. A new, fresh and healthy flavour experience – for allergy sufferers and the whole family!

The main allergen celery has been deliberately omitted for cross-allergy sufferers!

Ingredients: Courgettes, carrots, red peppers, salt without iodine, white onions, rapeseed oil, thyme, basil.

1 bottle of Vinberg Premium Verjus Rosa Frizz Piccolo (250 ml) FREE!


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