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The Vinberg brand

Verjus Shop, with its own brand “Vinberg Premium Verjus”, is a small and fine team based in Graz, Austria, which specializes in the production and trade of low-histamine, gluten-free and alcohol-free verjus products. And with passion since 2012!


Thanks to our small company structure, we have had a direct and personal insight into all processes right up to the finished product from the very beginning. From the quality of our grapes to the processing and the requirements and personal wishes of our customers. Our range includes low-histamine, gluten-free and alcohol-free products.


More than
10 years experience

We specialize in verjus and are the only company in the world that deals exclusively with verjus.



We are not an industrial company, but have been working closely with the classic tradition of viticulture since 2012.


Our vision
from Vinberg

Our vision is to permanently establish verjus on the market as a staple food and alcohol-free alternative for cooking and drinks.

We are Verjus

We are Markus and Irene

Markus Steinbäcker, the verjus pioneer from Styria and company owner, learned about the product in 2007 through Persian friends, which is still used in the Middle East as a staple food for souring and seasoning. In 2005, this tradition from the Middle Ages was revived in Perigord in France. Hence the name Verjus (French vert: green, jus: juice).

Since the founding of Verjus Shop in 2012, Irene Biricz has made various verjus from winegrowers visible on verjus-shop.com, thus creating a platform for the sale of verjus. To this day, she is your first point of contact and manager of Verjus Shop and the Vinberg Premium Verjus brand


Verjus Klassik Rosé

Our values

This is close to our hearts

Quality is our highest principle

Thanks to internally defined standards, we can guarantee consistent quality for our products every year, just as customers expect from traditional foods. We only use first-class grapes from Austria in traditional winemaker processing. Vinberg Premium Verjus is not an industrial product!

The transparency of the ingredients is important to us

As a trading company, our bottles must have an exact list of ingredients, an EAN code and a nutritional value table. No problem for us, because we have a natural product without additives and binders! The filling is vegan and without traces of gluten.
No preservatives are added to our products. However, a little natural ascorbic acid is added to stabilize the color, which is also compatible with histamine intolerance.

Safety through laboratory testing

Our products are all laboratory-tested to be low in histamine and gluten-free. This is particularly important for our customers with a histamine intolerance. In addition, all Vinberg Premium products are alcohol-free.

Reliable delivery

Delivery usually takes place within 5-6 working days. Shipping costs incl. VAT. Wie ship to these countries

Personal advice and customer support

Do you have any questions or need help with your order? Give us a call: +43 3161236680 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

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