The juice of young grapes

What is verjus?

Verjus pure is the juice of early-harvested grapes – milder than vinegar and finer than lemon!

Verjus (French for green juice) is an ancient condiment that has fallen into oblivion and is used as an alternative to vinegar, wine or lemon. It is obtained from unripe (=green) grapes. It was used as a remedy by Hippocrates of Kos in ancient times and in the Middle Ages verjus was widely used in all European kitchens. The metatartaric acid it contains acts as a natural flavor enhancer. Due to these properties, verjus is appreciated wherever a fresh, invigorating acidity without a dominant taste of its own is desired.

Quality is our
highest principle

Thanks to internally defined standards, we can deliver consistent quality for our products, as customers expect from traditional food products. We only use first-class grapes from Austria in traditional winemaker processing

Laboratory tested
Low histamine

Our products are all laboratory-tested to be low in histamine and gluten-free. This is particularly important for our customers with histamine intolerance. Verjus is often used as an alternative to vinegar.

Our products are
absolutely natural

Our products are naturally free from additives and binding agents. They are vegan and contain no traces of gluten. No preservatives are added to our products. However, a little natural ascorbic acid is added to stabilize the color. (Compatible with histamine intolerance)

About Verjus

Is verjus healthy?

Hippocrates of Kos already described the healing effect of verjuice around 400 BC. Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of homeopathy, wrote in 1793 in his pharmacist’s encyclopaedia: “Doctors in ancient times used it frequently and with great benefit”. If the old sources are to be believed, verjus is considered to be well tolerated by the stomach and intestines, to lower the circulation, to stimulate the appetite and to lower cholesterol.

Whether heartburn, gastritis or irritable stomach syndrome – stomach problems have become a common ailment these days and so more and more people are relying on well-tolerated alternatives to vinegar and lemon in their diet. It is also said to have analgesic and disinfectant properties. Our products are also all alcohol-free.

Low histamine
It is estimated that at least 1% of the population has a histamine intolerance and is therefore dependent on a histamine-free diet. Verjus can help here, especially as a histamine-free alternative to vinegar and lemon. As verjus is produced unfermented from green grapes, it is also histamine-free. Drinks based on verjus are also suitable for histamine allergy sufferers. Verjus-spiked, Verjus-Frizz or Perlino in particular offer an alcohol-free alternative to sparkling wines or citrus-based lemonades

Low in calories
As the grapes from which verjus is made are not yet fully ripe, they contain very little sugar. The various Verjus products contain between 15 and 50 kcal/100ml. When spritzed with water or added to salads and sauces, the result is a low-calorie slimming agent that also tastes good.

Low in fructose
As expected, early harvested Verjus has a relatively low fructose content (less than 1g/100ml) and fruity Verjus has a higher (up to 7g/100ml) value. For people with fructose intolerance, we therefore particularly recommend Verjus extra-sour, which contains 0.89g fructose per 100 ml. As the limit values for fructose are very individual, each person affected should of course assess for themselves whether Verjus extra-sour is suitable.

How is Verjus made?


Verjus is made from unripe, green grapes that are gently pressed in a wine or fruit press. As the grapes must be completely free of pesticide residues at the time of harvest, grapes from biodynamic cultivation are the most suitable for verjus production.


Depending on the production process, the pressed juice is clarified and filtered or processed to be naturally cloudy. In the next processing step, the juice is heated in a pasteurizer to preserve it. The sour taste is due to malic and tartaric acid, which are present in Verjus in roughly equal proportions.


While still hot, the juice is filled into bottles and sealed immediately. Verjus can be kept in this way for several years. However, an opened bottle should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 3-4 weeks.

To get to know Verjus

Verjus pure tasting package

The perfect introduction package for cooking and drinking. As an alternative to vinegar, wine or lemon.
Alcohol-free and histamine-freei

  • Verjus pure, fruity-mild 500ml – For refreshing thirst quenchers, sauces, soups, chutneys, Asian/wok dishes, risottos and fruity desserts.
  • Verjus pure, sour 500ml – Suitable for salads and for deglazing dishes. The histamine-free vinegar alternative.
  • Verjus Frizz Rosa 750ml – Refreshing drinking pleasure Frizz in rosé. Alcohol-free.
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