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Wholesale and retail

Our product range

Verjus-Shop offers products in different flavours. From extra-sour to fruity-mild, verjus flavours are available for sale. With our own VINBERG brand, we attach great importance to continuity in terms of quality, flavour and availability, so that we can supply you with verjus and verjus products in sufficient quantities all year round.

Our customers include
Health food stores, food retailers, food wholesalers, catering suppliers and webshops.

Container sizes

Verjus is available in glass bottles with a capacity of between 0.25 and 1 litre for resale; the bottles have different shapes and closures.

For catering suppliers and wholesalers, we also offer some varieties in 5 litre bag-in-boxes.
Special bottling is possible from 5000 bottles.


The products are labelled with sewing value tables and unique, registered barcodes and can therefore be easily incorporated into your stock management and POS systems.
As a customer of ARA Ag., we also fulfil our obligations under the Austrian Packaging Ordinance.

Vinberg Verjus

For  gastronomy


In the kitchen, verjus is ideal for light salads, fine soups or fresh starters. The advantage lies in the fine acid structure without a pronounced flavour of its own and the high proportion of tartaric acid, which acts as a natural flavour enhancer.
Verjus gives basic sauces such as white sauce, brown sauce etc. a rounded and not too dominant acidity.


Mixed drinks and classic cocktails such as Cuba Libre, Caipiriniha and co. can be wonderfully refined with verjus – and all without alcohol. With verjus, bartenders finally have an ingredient at their disposal that is an ideal substitute for alcohol. The tart, slightly bitter note of verjus, supported by a slight astringency, finally gives alcohol-free drinks the taste of the original.
This makes verjus a popular premium ingredient for bartenders, in lifestyle drinks or energy drinks.

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To toast

We offer ready-made Verjus Frizzante and Verjus Classic to accompany meals and events, which are a wonderful, alcohol-free and low-histamine way to celebrate.