Vinberg Premium Verjus pure and Verjus Rosa Frizz, pleasure pack

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The perfect taster pack for cooking and drinking. Alcohol-free and low in histamine.

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A savoury package for all occasions. Pure Verjus for cooking and refining starters, main courses and desserts.
Plus a sparkling rosé-coloured Verjus for toasting at all celebrations or as a snack.

Packaged together in one pack:

1 bottle from the “Verjus Frizz” product range from Vinberg – Premium Verjus

***1x Frizz Rosa

750 ml, lightly carbonated. A ready-to-drink, alcohol-free, low-histamine alternative to Prosecco & Co.


1 bottle each from our “Verjus pur” series from Vinberg – Premium Verjus:

***Pure sour verjus

***Verjus pure fruity mild

500ml each


Verjus Frizz is best enjoyed ice cold in a wine glass!

Verjus pure sour and fruity for refining dishes and drinks, baking, pickling and, of course, salads.

Verjus pure fruity goes wonderfully with Asian & wok dishes as well as spritzed as a non-alcoholic thirst quencher.

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