Austrian classic: “Original Styrian” pumpkin seeds, with rock salt, non-iodised

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TOP quality roasted gourmet nibbles from Styria! Suitable for people with histamine intolerance as they are refined with non-iodised rock salt!

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Fancy products from Austria?

The province of Styria in south-east Austria is known for one of its main products: Pumpkin, pumpkin seed oil and its pumpkin seeds.

We have opened the range of high-quality, original and hand-processed roasted pumpkin seeds from the Styrian region in south-east Austria in different varieties with our two varieties of “Original Styrian” gourmet nibble seeds…

The Verjus Shop has its office in the provincial capital of Graz and the pumpkin seeds are processed not far from the city limits by a producer selected by us.

This means that with our product you get a piece of Styria and, above all, something produced regionally in Styria delivered to your home.

For people with histamine intolerance, these gourmet nibbles are roasted and refined with non-iodised rock salt and are perfectly tolerated!

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