Vinberg: Premium Verjus Frizz x 4

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Four different Premium Verjus Frizzante to try. Best enjoyed ice cold in a wine glass!

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Find your favourite frizz!

The tasting package contains 4 premium Verjus Frizzante in different flavours:
Vinberg Verjus Frizz Muskat: light and fresh-fruity sparkling drinking pleasure based on Gelber Muskateller grapes
Vinberg Verjus Frizz Otto: strong, grapey flavour based on Müller Thurgau grapes
Vinberg Verjus Frizz Rosa: light and fresh-fruity sparkling drink in rosé based on Zweigelt grapes
Vinberg Verjus Frizz Frecher Flo: uncomplicated, very fruity, sparkling drink based on Grüner Veltliner grapes

All non-alcoholic and low histamine with light carbonation, 750ml each.

Verjus Frizz is perfect as a

*a sparkling alternative to wine or Prosecco with a meal or as a snack

*Alcohol-free and refreshing after-work drink.

*uncomplicated souvenir for friends and acquaintances …big or small.


*for parties and celebrations as a toast for all those who do not want to or are not allowed to drink alcohol, but like a fine sparkling drink

Tip: The “Frecher flo” can also be mixed wonderfully with e.g. gin to make an alcoholic drink.

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