0% Alcohol 6% Rendite!

Verjus Shop is growing and ready for the next steps. Now we are looking for investores, who want to go these next steps with us.

Verjus at reformstark Martin!

Since November 2014 Verjus is available at alle 32 shops of reformstark.

Verjus to give away.

Looking for a useful gift?
Let your friends benefit from the many advantages of verjus.

Present enjoymoyment,wealth and somthing that is not owned by everybody!

Verjus-Shop is growing!

We broaden our offer. You will find additional products, pestos, mustards, pickles, jelly, chutneys... all made with verjus in our shop now.

Summer in Verjus

Our offer: a summer as it should have been. Zucchini in Verjus, Verjus-apricot mustard and apricots in verjus.


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